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Forage-Livestock Systems at Cornell
Looking Towards the Future

Forage-Livestock Systems Program at Cornell University, Looking Towards the Future

Forage-Livestock Systems focus on interdisciplinary basic and applied research on forages and the animals that consume them. The centerpiece of New York State agriculture is dairy farming, and the base for this industry is forage crops. Northeast livestock farmers must be able to manage a profitable business that is also sustainable in terms of environmental stewardship. Forage-Livestock Systems utilizing both grasses and legumes for stored feed, as well as for grazing, can have a positive impact on sustainable agriculture in New York. For more detailed information see “Chapter 18. Systems for Temperate Humid Areas”, by J.H. Cherney and R.L. Kallenbach. 2006. In (R.F. Barnes et al.) FORAGES: Vol. II. The Science of Grassland Agriculture. 6th ed., Wiley-Blackwell.

Forage crops are one of the few resources that can be converted to food while sustaining and restoring our soil, water and atmosphere. With much of our land resources in the Northeast best suited to growing perennial forage crops, we have the opportunity to produce the needed milk and protein for mankind from livestock, while maintaining a sustainable forage crop based ecosystem.


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