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Ongoing Forage Research Initiatives

Our goal is to have a program that will help to improve profitability of New York State forage/livestock operations,while at the same time minimizing any negative effects of forage crops on the environment. Grass forage crops as a potential bioenergy supply to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain open spaces also is being studied.

Specific Projects include:

  • Predicting forage quality of mixed alfalfa-grass stands in the spring.
  • Methods to evaluate differences in yield and quality among grass cultivars.
  • Evaluation of orchardgrass germplasms that are less competitive with alfalfa.
  • Yield of mixed warm-season grass stands.
  • Impact of commercial fertilization, organic manure, and irrigation on yield and quality of cool-season vs. warm-season grasses for biomass.
  • Association mapping in switchgrass and reed canarygrass to identify molecular markers linked to biomass-related trait loci.

Recent Publications

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