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Grass Manual

This manual primarily deals with cool-season perennial grasses for the Northeastern USA, including some discussion of a few annual forage grasses. This discussion focuses on grasses adapted to Northeastern USA growing conditions. It also focuses on grass for stored feed rather than for grazing. Numerous grazing manuals and bulletins are available. There is a large acreage of grass grown with alfalfa in the Northeast, so that mixture is also included.

Much of the material presented here is based on field experiments and dairy feeding trials conducted at Cornell University over the past two decades. The varying length of each chapter depends, in part, on the extent of our research on the topic. Many other individuals were involved with these studies besides the authors of this manual, see the References listed below for a complete listing of contributors. Existing Factsheets related to this topic are also listed below, and can be found at the Cornell Nutrient Management SPEAR program site at: [].