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Deborah Brome (Bromus carinatus Hook. and Arn.) (California Brome)

New/Untested species, not yet recommended for some or all applications


  • Yield based on 2 harvests/season
  • Seeds/pound: 45,000
  • Seeding rate: 35-40 lbs pure live seed/acre for pastures (15-25 lbs/acre for conservation seedlings)
  • Seeding date: early spring, late summer before August 15
  • Large seed size
  • Primarily used for conservation seedings, reseeding after fires, wildlife cover


  • rapid establishment
  • good tolerance to droughty soils
  • good midsummer growth


  • lower yielding than other tall grasses
  • not adapted to acid or poorly-drained soils
  • may not persist in NYS
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