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Forage Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.)


  • Yield based on 2 harvests/season
  • Seeds/pound: 227,000
  • Seeding rate: 3-4 lbs pure live seed/acre
  • Seeding date: early spring
  • Perennial herb, usually sown in mixture with legumes
  • For grazing only, rapid stem growth must be prevented


  • good quality possible
  • very good tolerance to droughty soils
  • can be no-till seeded into existing pastures
  • provides grazing during spring and summer periods


  • not well suited to poorly-drained soils
  • very poor quality and growth if not managed intensively
  • weeds may be difficult to control, no registered herbicides
  • pure chicory stands will produce milk with metallic taste

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